Hello! I’m Kristen.

I’m Kristen, a 25-year-old living in central Virginia with my beautiful lab-border collie mix. I work one the local news stations as a producer (so very much behind the scenes unless I get caught on the newsroom camera, which I try to avoid at all costs) on the nightside shift. On the day that I don’t work nightside and work a slightly more normal schedule hour-wise, I go straight from work to my local fire station where I’m a volunteer firefighter/EMT and run calls every Monday night from 6 p.m. (more like 7 by the time I get from work to the station) to 6 a.m.


From school to work to the firehouse and everything in between, I’ve always been a planner in a family of non-planners (my dad and his brothers are especially notorious for that). For me, everything is color coded, written down, and prioritized in either a planner or accompanying notebook that held my daily list of things to do. Discovering the Bullet Journal system in 2016 was extremely life changing for me and once I started bullet journaling, I never looked back. It’s been a great system that works and adapts to my lifestyle and I love that it allows me to keep everything in once place.

Twenty Four Tiny Thoughts started on Instagram as a way for me to share glimpses of my bullet journal with everyone. Shortly after starting the account, this blog followed as a means of providing more explanation to the way I set up my bullet journal and give a little more insight in to what really works for me and what doesn’t.

It’s my hope that this blog will inspire you, wherever you are in your bullet journal journey. Since the day I started bullet journaling, I’ve learned that this community is all about sharing ideas, experimenting new things, and learning from one another. As excited as I am to share my bullet journaling story and methods with you, I’m also excited to learn for you all as well!