Bullet Journal

May 2017 Set Up

The year has been flying by and it’s already the first day of May which means the year is almost halfway over! A new month means new monthly spreads and for me it marks the first full month in my new bullet journal and a chance to start fresh. I kind of fell off the wayside in April because I had a rough month, so I’m very excited to bounce back with a fresh set of spreads to work with.

May Monthly Log

I always kick off my monthly spreads with my monthly log. In April, after months of sticking with the traditional bullet journal monthly log, I decided to switch it up and try something new. This calendar monthly log debuted in my bullet journal last month and was something I originally saw in a friend’s bullet journal for her monthly log.

This layout has enough room for 5 events (depending how long they are), I don’t feel like it’s as crammed as my old spreads and it doesn’t have as much extra white space. On the right, there’s also just enough room for a list of monthly goals.

I was feeling a little artistic and decided to embellish May’s monthly log a little more and am absolutely loving how it turned out! I’ve been trying to find more ways to make the most of white space and combing through Pinterest, I found tons of simple doodle ideas. The dream catcher sticker on the left is from a set my friend gave me for my birthday that fit nicely with May’s purple color theme, the flower cutout on the right is from A.C. Moore’s clearance section, and the flower washi tape came from Target’s bargain section.

May Spending Tracker

Up next is my spending tracker for May. This has been a staple of almost every monthly spread since I started bullet journaling and the layout hasn’t changed. I keep this one pretty simple and minimalistic because the page fills up so quickly and I use it to reference what I spend money on and where.

This spread even has its own color code system that you may have seen when I shared my index in my Bullet Journal #3 Set Up post. The highlights are just another way for me to categorize things that I spend money on (bills, gas, food, etc.). At the end of the month, I do a grand tally of each highlight color and see where I’m spending the most money and if I can cut down on anything to save a little more.

(In case you’re curious, on the second page of my May spending tracker, what you can kind of see is a doodle that one of my friends made when I was having an especially rough day at work. He asked if he could write something in it and I when I told him yes, he opened up to a random page which just happened to be that one.)

May Tracker

This month, my habit tracker evolved into just a tracker. In addition to the habits I want to keep track of, I’ve also added things that I need to do on either a daily or semi-daily basis (like watering the new succulent that I bought) that way I have a place to keep up with everything. It’s pretty simple except for the cactus doodle in the upper left corner. I haven’t decided if I want to add more doodles to the bottom of this spread or handletter a quote.

May Mood Mandala

The mood mandala is something I first saw over at Boho Berry and decided I wanted to try in place of the mood tracker I was using.

I tried this last month but with the April that I had, I never colored it in, designed it, or watched it evolve. I’m excited to bring this concept back as my May mood tracker and I can’t wait to see what it turns in to!

I don’t have a compass and protractor to draw my own mandalas and I’m terrible at free handing circles, so I downloaded Kara’s premade mandala skeleton, printed it at a scaled down A5 size, and pasted it into my bullet journal for this spread. You can find the full sized printable at Boho Berry if you’re a Boho Berry Tribe member.

May Gratitude Log

May’s spreads also include a gratitude log, which is a monthly spread I’ve had in some form every since I started bullet journaling. In the past few months, I’ve gone back and forth between making them one or three lines long, depending on how I feel the month will shake out/how busy I will be that month.

Since this is my first month getting back in the swing of keeping up with all my trackers again, I didn’t want to overwhelm myself with three lines.

Also back this month is my daily food log. After having a food log in my daily log for a while, I moved it to its own spread a few months ago but still haven’t figured out the best layout for it. It’s pretty simple right now and spans three and a half pages just to log breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks for all the days of the month.

I didn’t like all the white space I had left after finishing this spread (it was a whole half page!) and didn’t know how else to fill it, so I used it as a place where I can list healthy snack ideas. I’m hoping to flesh it out a bit more as the month goes on, but in theory it’s a good place for a weekly shopping list when I’m looking for snacks to buy for the week.

You can probably see that I struggled with this spread for some reason and made a few mistakes. On the first page you’ll see it reads “A May Food Log,” because I wrote ‘A’ for ‘April’ and then didn’t realize ‘A’ was the second letter in ‘May’! (I think I was too fixated on the fact that I messed up and now had now idea how to fix it.) Oops! Saturday the 6th is also looking a little odd because it was originally written as F5 (for Friday the 5th). I also jump from Tuesday to Friday on one page and didn’t notice it for a while and had to fix that mistake with some white out. Don’t really know what happened there!

That’s my list of monthly spreads for May! After my food log, I jump right into my next weekly log followed by my daily logs. I’m looking forward to getting back on track this month and seeing all the pages fill up as May goes on!

What are some of the spreads you use every month in your bullet journal? Share in the comments below!


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