Bullet Journal

Birthday and Holiday Wheel

In preparing my next bullet journal and getting ready to move into it, one of the spreads that I wanted to change up was my current birthdays and holidays one.


This is my current birthdays and holidays spread and as I was going through my bullet journal and laying out what I wanted my next one to look like, this one was one of the spreads I wanted to change. I have a lot of collections in my bullet journal, so one of the things I was looking at doing was consolidating anything that I possibly could when I moved things over. This spread took up two pages and I didn’t like how much white space it had – I wasn’t filling any of the columns even half way. I also found that the columns weren’t really working and I needed more space across than I did going down.

I brainstormed a variety of ways to fix this spread, including making the columns wider instead of taller, but didn’t find anything I was too in love with until I came across a post on Pinterest of a birthday wheel. I loved the look of it and loved how it only took up one page and decided I might try it when setting up my next bullet journal. I can’t draw circles so when I sketched it out originally, I had it set up as a square before realizing it wasn’t going to work that way. Some spreads I can just jump right into planning with pen. This one really required some patience on my part and definitely needed to be sketched out in pencil before inking over everything later. There was a lot of erasing and readjusting to make it work for me!

I don’t have a compass (at one point I did for geometry classes, but I either threw it out or it got lost) and I’m pretty terrible at drawing circles, so in order to make this spread work I had to hunt around for two circles that would fit nicely inside each other and on my bullet journal. It took me a few tries, but I ended up using my Hydroflask for the outer circle and a  cup that holds all my pencils for the inner circle. Sometimes it’s all about improvising and working with what you’ve got and this definitely did the job.

Finished Birthday and Holidays wheel

This spread took me a while to finish and I’d be lying if I said it didn’t test my patience. Tracing the inner and outer circle were fairly easy and straight forward – what I struggled with more was sectioning everything out (I didn’t do the best of jobs with it and this is probably where a protractor  – also something that went missing after my days of geometry – would have come in handy) and making sure all the sections fit what I needed them to. Each section was colored in with what color I assigned the month (January was blue, February was pink, March was green, etc.) and I wrote out everything for that month in the corresponding color as well.

Overall, even though it took me a while to finish, I’m very pleased with how this spread turned out. I consolidated everything into one page and I don’t have half as much white space as I did in my previous version of this spread. If I do this spread again in the future, there are definitely some takeaways and things I’d do differently (starting with investing in a compass and protractor), but I’m much happier with this one.

Supplies Used:

  • Teal Hydroflask (not sure that this really counts, but I’m going to list it!)
  • Bubba Gump kid’s meal cup (also not sure this counts, but in case anyone was wondering)
  • Staedtler Triplus Fineliners; Light Green, Forest Green, Teal, Blue, Pink, Green, Light Blue, Purple, Orange, Red, Brown, and Black
  • Up & Up Colored Pencils: Blue, Pink, Green, Light Blue, Purple, Orange, Red, Brown, Black, and Light Green
  • TWSBI Eco Fountain Pen, Extra Fine Nib inked with Noodler’s Apache Sunset

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