Bullet Journal

Rough Weeks and Positive Vibes

If you’ve been following me over on Instagram, you’ve probably noticed I’ve been pretty quiet recently. My goal is to try and post at least once a day, if not more, but this week has just been a rough one in terms of life – I’ve come to a lot of realizations and while I know the decisions I’ve made in light of everything are what’s best for me in the long run, it doesn’t make the actions I had to take any easier.

To be completely honest, aside from my daily layouts (which are what keeps me on track every day and a must have), I hadn’t really been keeping up with much of anything else in my bullet journal this week which is very unlike me (and probably the number one indicator to myself that I need to get things back on track). My outfit log for the week drops off after Monday and my habit tracker, food log, mood mandala, and gratitude log have been blank almost the entire week. I’ve just been so emotionally exhausted and felt so defeated this week that when I came home from work, I’d go for a hard run then go to bed.

While I haven’t been using my bullet journal in some of the normal ways that I would on any other week, this week really gave me an opportunity to practice my handwriting and handlettering  – something I really found peace in. I was so concentrated on the spreads that it quieted my mind for a little bit, I had some blank pages in my bullet journal that I needed to fill, and I have some positive inspiration to look back to whenever I need it!

Below are some of the things that came out of this week:
(click each thumbnail to see a larger image)

Just a little bit of explanation about each one:

If you follow me on Instagram, you probably saw a version of the top left quote in which I turned a mistake into a brand new quote. (As you can see from the picture, I messed this quote up a second time, but it wasn’t as bad as the first mistake, so I ran with it.) This was something I started penning out Tuesday at work and finished out when I got home that night. The quote is a song lyric from “Fly Away” by Nelly (yes, I know) which is one of my favorite motivational songs and at the very top of my motivational playlist. When I need something to remind me to keep my head up, this is probably the first song I listen to.

The top right is picture is a snippet of a larger letter I wrote Tuesday night after I finished the “Fly Away” quote. Ever since I was little, I always wrote out my feelings and cleared my mind by journaling. As I’ve gotten older, I still keep up with that practice (having a bullet journal is amazing for that) but from time to time I write letters to people. It’s easy to get caught up in the heat of the moment with someone and when someone makes you feel frustrated, instead of saying things that you can’t take back, I try to take a step back and distance myself from both the person and the situation. Writing a letter to a person and just getting down everything that’s been rattling around in your head is a great therapeutic method –  it helps quiet the thoughts in your head because you get everything out, and (personally) it makes me feel so much better when I’m done (not to mention if you’re writing the letter while you’re emotional, it saves you from any explaining or making the situation worse). This letter spans about ten pages in my bullet journal and took me about two hours to write. It’s a letter to someone who has a very special place in my heart and means a lot to me, but was something that needed to be written.

On the bottom right we have another quote from a song lyric that I penned out Thursday night. This song is Same Drugs by Chance the Rapper and although the whole song in itself isn’t motivational for me, there’s a verse near the end of the song that really drives me and reminds me to keep my head up during rough times. This is my two favorite lines from that verse and although it’s not very fancy, it really helped to have this somewhere on paper where I can see it as a reminder when I need it.

The bottom middle picture is just a brain dump of sorts that I wrote up Friday night. Of all the bad days I’ve had this week, Friday was probably the worse of them. On my personal Instagram I posted a beautiful picture of the mountains where I live (taken from the balcony of one of my friend’s apartments) and captioned it with a whole bunch of lines I had running through my head about positivity. I didn’t copy the entire text of that Instagram post into my bullet journal, but I wanted a version of it in my journal to both handwrite the words and serve as something to flip back to when I need reminding.

The final image on the bottom right, is a work in progress. I couldn’t sleep Friday night into Saturday and came across a Twitter post reminding me that next Saturday (April 15) is One Boston Day. The quote was something that I came across in looking up this year’s One Boston Day events and it also spoke to me in terms of everything that I’ve been dealing with this week. In short, One Boston Day is an annual tradition in which the city of Boston remembers the horrific Boston Marathon Bombings and gives back to everyone that stood behind them though acts of kindness. You don’t have to live in Boston to participate and you don’t have to spend money either. All you have to do is pledge an act of kindness, something you’ll do on April 15 – donate to a local shelter, buy coffee for the person behind you, clean up your neighborhood, no matter how small the act, do something good. The city of Boston holds a special place in my heart and the Boston Marathon Bombings hit so close to home the day it happened so I wanted to create a spread in my bullet journal for One Boston Day. There’s so much blank space at the bottom that I plan to fill with more quotes and things that I did to celebrate One Boston Day. To make a pledge or to learn more, visit onebostonday.org.

That was my week and my bullet journal this week in a nutshell. I’m hoping to jump back on the horse today and get caught up with all of my bullet journaling (and Plan With Me Challenge posts). Sunday marks the start of a new week in my bullet journal and a new chance to start a new week with a fresh perspective.

How do you use your bullet journal to help you when you have a rough week? Feel free to share in the comments below!


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